About VIAble Ventures

Having a job is about more than just a paycheck

For our artisans, finding gainful employment that makes use of their skills and abilities can be a huge challenge. VIAble Ventures meets that challenge by building micro-businesses to employ people on the spectrum—giving them experience and dignity along with a paycheck.    

VIAble Ventures is designed to turn the unique skills, abilities and interests of people with autism into fulfilling vocational opportunities.

In partnership with the i.Lab at UVA business incubator program, Virginia Institute of Autism staff have developed work training supports and specialized “accommodative engineering” to ensure that any adult, no matter degree of disability, can work, earn, and experience the satisfaction and connection that comes with meaningful employment.

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To find out more about VIAble Ventures, please contact by email kgariepy@viacenters.org or by phone, (434) 256-0471.